Publication Data for PMID: 23763426


Kumar S, Grefenstette JJ, Galloway DD, Albert SM, and Burke DS. Policies to reduce influenza in the workplace: Impact assessments using an agent-based model. Am J Public Health, pages e1-e6, 2013. PubMed PMID: 23763426.

Source code

This file contains:
  • the customized version of FRED used to generate the data for the paper
  • the synthetic population of Allegheny County, PA
Download: FRED-V1.2.0.SL.tgz

Server job scripts

This file contains:
  • a script that runs FRED with various parameter sweeps
  • a base parameter file used for the runs
  • a Job file used for submission to the Pittsburgh Super Computing Center's Blacklight server
Download: ServerJobScripts.tgz

Graphs, results, and data management scripts

This file contains:
  • results from the FRED runs
  • scripts used in post-processing to collate data from the results
  • some Excel files created from the results
  • some scripts used to generate graphs
  • graphs we generated
Download: Graphs_Results_DataManagementScripts.tgz

Data to reproduce figures

This file contains:
  • Attack rates by workplace size for different scenarios (for Figure 1 in the paper)
  • 2X2 tables to generate odds ratios (for Figure 2 in the paper)
  • Data from sensitivity analyses (for Figure 3 in the paper)
  • some scripts used to generate graphs
  • Total number of employees in workplaces of different sizes (denominators to generate attack rates from raw data)
Download: DataTables.xlsx